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May 7th
Kickoff meeting
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2013/06/17 The trainsition to new home page was finished.
New homepage is here.
2013/06/04 For the transition of the home page, update is being interrupted now.
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2013/03/27 (2) Mar.19th-22nd
IEICE National Convention(Gifu Univ.) was held.
From Miyaho's lab, 7 students presented the papers.

Presenter: Yusuke Shinozaki, Yusuke Endo, Yasuhiro Taguchi, Airi Koike, Yuki Yamashita, Kouki Mitsuishi, Shota Amino
Photos are here.
2013/03/27 (1) Mar.17th guraduate ceremony was held.
6 graduate students and 13 university students graduated from Miyaho's lab.

Photos are here.
2013/03/22 (2) Patent h Remote Control system by using Visible Lighting"
Registered: No.5201617

Certificate of the Patent is here.
2013/03/22 (1) 3 members of Miyaho Lab were awarded.
(1)Master 2nd Grade :
  Yuusuke Shinozaki
   EAcademic Contribution Award
   EInformation Environment Technology Seminar@Best Presentation Award
(2) Undergraduate 4th Grade
   ESchool of Information Environment Award:
  Nanto Suzuki
  Kouki Mitsuishi

2013/03/11 Master thesis Presentation
Student Convention

Master thesis Presentation
Master Thesis
Student Convention
2013/03/04 (2) March 2nd
IEICE Tokyo Branch Student Convention was held.
Two of the sutdents of Miyaho's Lab were awarded.
Best paper Award
   Yuusuke Shinozaki (Master 2nd)
   Hiroki Mitsuishi (Bachelor 4th)
TDU HP Topics here
Photos are here
2013/03/04 (1) Feb 26th Japan-Korea Joint Indusry Forum was held.
Prof. Miyaho presented the latest Technology of the Disaster Recovery
Mechanizm as the representative of TDU.
Photos are here
2013/02/19 (2) Korea Information Econoics Division sponsered the "4th Japan-Korea Joint Indusry Forum "
Professor Miyaho is planning to present the latest achievement.
Title is "Development of Reliable Disaster Recovery Technology Utilizing Distributed Networks and Secure Clouds"
Date.2013. Feb. 26th 12:30`18:00
Venue Hotel Ohkura Tokyo
Details are here
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